You can experience Plymouth Sound National Marine Park without breaking the bank.

From stunning sunsets to just doing your bit to keep our surroundings beautiful, there are plenty of great things to get up to in and around Plymouth Sound National Marine Park. 

Here are some of our top picks:

Take a dip

There’s no better way to experience Plymouth Sound National Marine Park than immersing yourself in the water.

Take a dip from one of several spots around the Sound and see Plymouth from a completely different point of view.

In summer you can swim out to one of the many floating pontoons, but during the winter months, many swimmers still head out to the buoys and back.

If you are heading out on the water, ensure you have asked yourself these six questions before you swim.

Take a walk 

There are some amazing scenic walks to embark on around Plymouth Sound.

You can take a stroll by the water’s edge and enjoy all of what the amazing Marine Park has to offer.

Grab a coffee at Mount Batten and stroll along the pier, head to Plymouth Hoe and gaze out to Drake’s Island and beyond, or head to Plymouth’s historic quarter, The Barbican, and walk in the footsteps of thousands before you on the cobbled streets.

There are plenty of fantastic strolls waiting for you, check out our recommendations.

Check out a stunning sunset

Watching the sun go down over the stunning Plymouth Sound National Marine Park is an experience like no other.

There are many spots where you can take in the occasion, whether it be from Mount Batten Pier, Plymouth Hoe or Devil’s Point to name a few.

Litter Pick

Do your bit to keep Plymouth Sound National Marine Park and the surrounding areas beautiful by taking part in a litter pick. 

The Ocean Conservation Trust hosts many picks in and around the Marine Park helping to keep the environment clean, although you don’t need to join an official event to do your bit, head out whenever you can and see if you can find litter to pick.

Visit the UK’s largest living sea wall.

Gaze upon the UK’s largest living sea wall close to the Mayflower Steps at the Barbican.

The 40ft wall has been made with the hope of creating a new environment for species such as limpets, barnacles, seaweeds and more. 

Head down on selected days and you will be greeted by members of the Rockpool Project team who will be on hand to show locals and tourists alike how fascinating Plymouth’s Living Sea Wall is, along with the amazing sea creatures that call it their home.

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