We are dedicated to helping marine wildlife thrive and building people’s connection with nature from the Sound in tandem. With that, as part of The Horizons Project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we have partnered with the Marine Biological Association to develop the first phase of our Nature Boost project starting June 2024.

Together will be breeding baby rays (which are actually skates!), sharing their growth and development on a 24/7 livestream. The baby rays will be tagged and released giving us valuable insights on the life cycle of the rays and how better to protect them.

The breeding will be linked with a project headed by The Shark Trust named the Great Egg Case Hunt. In a combined effort we will bring people to the foreshore to engage in citizen science as part of our volunteering programme. During a beach clean with our volunteers, we will be keeping our eyes peeled for empty shark, skate and ray egg cases (or fondly known as ‘mermaids purses’) to register them on The Shark Trust app. These recordings go towards scientific studies on rays, skates and sharks.

Our volunteer roster is at maximum capacity, but you can still download The Shark Trust app for free to get your ready for your citizen science journey.