On 11 April 2024 Plymouth will welcome the return of two swimming pontoons in Plymouth Sound National Marine Park after proving to be hugely popular over the past few years.

The pontoons are located inside the Tinside Beach swimming area with staggered positions, one closer to shore for younger or less experienced swimmers and the other further out.

The pontoons are the same design to last year with the Britain’s Ocean City branding and neon ladders making them easier to spot from the shoreline and in the water. This year, there are no matts as the adhesive connecting the matts to the pontoons couldn’t cope with the swell of the water, which was caused the matts to come off and float around the water. After discussions with water users it was agreed to remove them for this year to avoid the issue again.

The pontoons were installed by Cattewater Harbour Commissioners and will remain in position over the summer, before being removed ahead of winter to be safely stored for next year.

You will also find a shower installed at the edge of Tinside Cove. The water from this shower is perfect for a quick rinse post swim, but we please ask you to not use any products as this water goes directly back into Plymouth Sound.

There will be weekly checks of the pontoons, so if you notice any problems or damage to the pontoons, please notify marineops@plymouthport.org.uk.