We are excited to announce that Plymouth’s National Marine Aquarium (NMA) has a story to share with us all. With the aid of BBC2, ‘Secrets of the Aquarium’ will be airing during the winter months of 2023!

The NMA is the home of 5000 breath-taking marine animals, from limpets to sharks and each one is looked after by the incredible NMA team. Within this TV series you will find out what it takes to work alongside these beautiful creatures. During 18 months of filming, the NMA team tackled some of the hardest challenges of their careers, experienced quiet moments of sadness and overwhelming elation.

This behind-the-scenes series will be making a splash on TV screens on BB2, Tuesday 14 November which will run through to 19 December 2023, every Tuesday at 8pm.

The debut episode named ‘Moving a shark is an adrenaline rush’ explores the high-risk logistics that Marcus, NMA’s curator, tussles with whilst moving a ‘problem shark’ to the top of the aquarium.

You can watch ‘Secrets of the Aquarium’ here.