A new series of TEDx talks has been published on the international TED platform to show the tangible steps that Plymouth is taking to tackle climate change.

The four talks, created as part of TED’s global countdown to a better future initiative, focus on individual topics like the importance of plankton, seagrass restoration, open data and sustainable travel.

Each video gives an insight into the measures being taken in Plymouth to tackle climate change and create a more sustainable blue and green future for Britain’s Ocean City, the home of the UK’s first National Marine Park.

Councillor Maddi Bridgeman, Cabinet Member for Environment and Street Scene at Plymouth City Council said: “Plymouth is taking climate change seriously, and these four inspiring talks showcase the very practical and tangible ways in which organisations and projects across the city are putting positive change into action and responding to the climate emergency. We’re committed to a blue and green future for Plymouth, and as home of the UK’s first National Marine Park, and a host of exciting projects to protect and grow our green spaces we’re well on track to a more sustainable city footprint.”

The videos are available to view on TED’s Youtube channel now, focussed on our blue environment and the importance of protecting and conserving the natural assets at our disposal in Plymouth Sound National Marine Park.

The talks are:

  • The Breath-Giving Beauty of Bioluminescence: Dr Abigail McQuatters-Gollop, Associate Professor of Marine Conservation at the University of Plymouth, talks about plankton bioluminescence and its critical role in supplying oxygen for our planet. Abigail is one of the UK’s top plankton experts with a global reputation for converting science into useful evidence for policy makers.
  • Seagrass – It’s time to restore what’s left: Mark Parry, a seagrass ecologist and project manager at the Ocean Conservation Trust, talks about restoring Plymouth’s blue forest and the importance of global seagrass reforestation. Every second breath we take comes from the ocean, and seagrasses play a vital role in removing carbon and emitting oxygen.
  • Rewilding data: Lucy Knight, a data handling and analysis expert, talks about open data and the many ways in which Plymouth is harnessing open data to share and shape future planning for green and urban space management.
  • The Power of the Pedal: Gareth Thomas, founder of Bikespace CIC, talks about Bikespace’s role in a new national pilot to trial electric cargo bikes to speed up and green up local goods deliveries. Bikes will capture a range of data as they travel across the city, resulting in numerous data products that can inform urban planning and help bike users plan journeys better, contributing to improved green and sustainable travel for the city.

The talks, which were coordinated by Real Ideas Organisation and produced by local production and media company Ocean City Media, linked to themes at 2021’s Illuminate, focussed on the climate emergency and the city’s responses to it.

Lindsey Hall, Chief Executive of Real Ideas said: “For Illuminate 2021, we focused on climate emergency and worked with artists and environmentalists to create stunning, immersive, experiences that were both engaging and thought-provoking. Over 26,000 people enjoyed the festival, with highlights such as projection mapping a currently derelict building to give people a chance to see how nature can re-wild places and spaces. It was amazing to watch people challenge themselves to pedal harder to light up a tower and see the wonder in their faces as they experienced bio-luminescent algae or saw their drawing of a moth fly in our immersive dome. More importantly, people came away inspired to do their bit for the planet.”