Hey, fellow gift-hunters! Got that annual Christmas gift search kicking in yet? Well, I’ve got the scoop for you! Picture this: strolling down the adorable, old-school streets of The Barbican. Sounds charming, right? Now imagine making a pit stop at the Tourist Information Centre – jackpot!

Their gift shop is a goldmine of local treasures. Seriously, they’ve got locally-made goodies that will love. Plymouth-themed jigsaw puzzles, Christmas Pudding Kernow Chocolate – yup, they’ve got it all. And oh buoy (pun intended), don’t get me started on the cute handmade decorations! Snowmen or sharks for your tree? Tough choice!

But wait, there’s more! The stocking-fillers? A telescope for the mini explorers and a fun fishy game for sea lovers. And guess what? They’ve got a brilliant collection of books too! From children’s stories to history buffs and nature enthusiasts, everyone’s covered. Plus, books for those wanting to burn off those holiday calories – walking, cycling, and wild swimming, anyone?

Pro tip: make a day of it! Finish up your shopping spree and swing by the National Marine Aquarium to immerse yourself in the natural world. There’s also a gift shop at the end if you’re on a gifting roll! Time to tick off that shopping list and pamper your peeps with local love this Christmas!

Can’t swing by the Tourist Information Centre? No problemo! Online shopping to the rescue. Head over to the Visit Plymouth online shop and shop till you drop, all from the comfort of your couch. Cheers to stress-free gifting!