On a bright and breezy Friday, the Tinside Lido and Tinside Cove areas in Plymouth became a hive of activity as volunteers gathered for the much-anticipated “Tidy Up Tinside” event. This community-driven initiative, aimed at rejuvenating one of Plymouth’s most cherished seaside spots, saw residents of all walks of life come together with a shared mission: to enhance the beauty and cleanliness of their beloved coastal environment.

Photo credits: Chris Parkes Photography

From 10am on 10th May, the Tinside Lido area buzzed with energy and enthusiasm as volunteers armed with gloves, trash bags, and gardening tools set to work. The event kicked off with a brief orientation, during which organisers outlined the day’s tasks and safety guidelines. Teams were then dispatched across different sections of the site, each with specific roles to ensure a comprehensive clean-up and beautification effort.

One group, comprised of: the PSNMP volunteer group, The Ocean Conservation Trust, Plymouth City Council, National Trust, National Grid and Green Communities Shaping Nature Neighbourhoods, focused on trimming overgrown bushes and hedges that had started to encroach on pathways and scenic viewpoints. With shears and pruners in hand, these volunteers skillfully restored order to the greenery, ensuring clear and pleasant pathways for future visitors. The freshly trimmed bushes not only improved the aesthetic appeal of the area but also enhanced safety and accessibility.

Photo credits: Chris Parkes Photography

Meanwhile, another team tackled the litter that had accumulated around the Lido and Cove. Equipped with litter-pickers, they scoured the beach, grassy areas, and rocky outcrops, collecting everything from discarded plastic bottles to forgotten fishing gear. The meticulous effort resulted in the removal of several bags of rubbish, highlighting the community’s commitment to preserving the natural beauty of their coastline.

In addition to the gardening and litter-picking, a third group of volunteers made up of: PSNMP volunteer group, Seetec Pluss, Services Design Solution, Nevada Construction, Currie and Brown and LHC Design turned their attention to painting and maintenance. The iconic Tinside Lido, with its striking Art Deco architecture, received a fresh coat of paint, brightening the bullnose and railings that frame the historic pool. The volunteers worked diligently, ensuring that the paint job was both thorough and respectful of the Lido’s heritage.

Photo credits: Chris Parkes Photography

By the time the event concluded in the mid afternoon, the Tinside Lido and Cove had been transformed. The trimmed bushes, litter-free surroundings, and fresh lick of paint at the Lido stood as a testament to what a unified community can achieve. As the organisers, We hailed the event as a resounding success thanks to all the volunteers who dedicated their time and effort.

Tidy Up Tinside not only left a visible mark on Plymouth’s coastline but also fostered a deeper sense of environmental stewardship among participants. As the sun set over the rejuvenated Lido and Cove, there was a shared understanding that this was just the beginning. Plans are already in motion for future events, ensuring that the spirit of Tidy Up Tinside continues to thrive, keeping Plymouth’s coastal treasures pristine and beautiful for generations to come.

Together we:
– Pruned overgrown plants to provide better access to hand rails and steps.
– Litter-picked 5 large bin bags worth of rubbish.
– filled 8 dumpy bags worth of green waste
– Uplifted Tinside Lido
– Painted all of the Tinside Lido railings

This event has been made possible by the £11.6m grant achieved from The National Lottery Heritage Fund. Thanks to National Lottery players.